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Want to know how to excel in your career? (It’s not what you think!)

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

How to excel in your careerAfter a poor night’s sleep, the last thing you want to do is get to the grind and shoot off to work. When you’re feeling tired, exhausted and weary, working doesn’t usually sit at the top of your list.

Dr Hintsa, a two-time Formula 1 racing champion and doctor suggests that it is wishful thinking if you think you can operate full tilt on 5 hours sleep. Hintsa adds that working on a measly 5 hours sleep, three nights in a row is equivalent to driving a car drunk! We doubt your boss would want you in the office equivalently intoxicated either!

Here at Tea Huggers, we love a snooze but we also love spreading the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep…

Quality Sleep – If you constantly feel lethargic, lazy or drained, it probably means the quality of your sleep is lacking. If you’re itching for a powernap at any and every opportunity, it’s your body’s sign that you need to up your sleeping game! To ensure you’re getting quality sleep, support your body’s natural rhythms. You can do this by going to bed at a regular time, waking up at a regular time and cutting out naps that are making getting to sleep hard. If you’re hit by a post-dinner lull, don’t drift off, do something stimulating as this just pushes back the time you’ll go to sleep for the night.

Make sure you control your exposure to the ‘blue light’ from technology an hour before you drift off… your sleep quality should improve drastically. Sweet dreams!

Don’t’ Put It Off - The Journal of Clinical Sleep medicine champions that insufficient sleep is closely linked to poor academic performance amongst adults and adolescents. The study underlined that restricting sleep for allotting extra time to work or study is an ineffective strategy for achievement. So, if you think pushing back your bedtime to go over that spreadsheet, or check the emails again is going to benefit you – think again. It might just worsen your performance.

Sleep is super important for health and productivity. Getting a restful night’s sleep improves memory, mood, erases those under-eye circles, improves quality of life, may allow you to live longer, curbs inflammation linking to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and premature aging. It’s worth turning your focus to sleep, your body and career progression will thank you!

We’re sold! To help you settle in the evening, why not pop the kettle on and opt for a Tea Huggers Good Night tea. Good Night is soothing and calming, perfect for chilling you out before you grab those ever-vital forty winks. The lavender in Good Night has relaxing properties, combined perfectly with lemon balm to ease your stress.

Sleep tight – it’ll pay off!

Tea Huggers x

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