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Saying Yes to Yerba (Mate)

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Yerba Mate!

Tea Huggers Good Morning tea

Nope, this isn’t a novel (and frankly quite odd) little greeting, and neither are we speaking a foreign language to you. In fact, we’re singing the praises of Yerba Mate, a key ingredient of our ever-scrummy Good Morning Tea, all the way from South America, bursting with benefits for your body. Still sounds a little nutty? Read on, and find out more about this smokey, dark and earthy flavour.

Body Brilliant – If you’re a lover of health, wellness and balance, yerba mate is your new best friend.

The South American people have traditionally drawn on yerba mate as part of their healthy lifestyle. Yerba mate has stimulant features which keep you feeling fuller for longer and slow your digestion, halting you from indulging in that 3pm custard cream bonanza. If you’re watching your shape, Yerba Mate boosts your metabolism, which is great if you’re looking to shed some pounds.

Focus! – Lovers of yerba mate consistently report a spike in their alertness, concentration and focus – great for the afternoon drowsiness we all get caught with from time to time. Although yerba mate can thank caffeine for this to an extent, low levels of caffeine are balanced with a litany of antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.

Antioxidant Champion – You can’t blame us for raving about the antioxidant qualities of Green Tea, but Green Tea takes a back seat in the antioxidant race alongside yerba mate! Yerba mate has around 90% more antioxidants than green tea. Both teas have a gorgeous mellow taste, but we can see who wins in the antioxidant arena!

Flavoursome – Yerba mate is grown in the rainforest under shade, as opposed to sun farmed teas, which came sometimes lack richness and flavour. This means yerba mate is bursting with taste along with many medicinal and nutritional properties.

The Good Morning tea is the perfect alternative to coffee and combines Ginkgo which skyrockets your concentration, Ginseng to freshen and revitalise your body and cocoa shells. Yerba mate tastes mysterious, warming and smouldering. Plus, our Good Morning tea scooped two Great Tastes Award gold stars, and that’s got to be saying something! Go Tea Huggers!

Oh, and still wondering how you say it? It’s yer-bah mah-tey!

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