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Combat that pesky cold, today!

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Top tips to fight cold and Flu today!

It seems, that as soon as winter strikes, our immune systems fall.

Sadly, our poor old immune systems really do take a battering during the colder months. We all know the signs; that ‘bunged up’ feeling that never really goes away, the constant purchase of tissues as an antidote to our streaming noses and the confused body temperature, shooting between hot and cold all the time.

Colds and the flu are unpleasant, so here are some prime ways to stop them in their tracks…

Put your feet up – One of the best ways to tackle a cold or flu head on, is to take it easy, relax and unwind.

Let yourself lounge around for a day or two, as being warm and rested is a sure cure to many cold symptoms. Let everything slide from your agenda: being stressed only weakens the body’s response to viruses. Allow your body to take a breather, and you can wave goodbye to the flu.

Stay Hydrated – Adding dehydration to your list of ailments is not what you need when you’re feeling under the weather, neither is feeling congested and stuffed up. Stay away from caffeine-laden energy drinks or fizzy drinks; swap them hot and cold brewed tea, icy water, fresh juice or even warm lemon water.

Why not get the water boiling and slurp a Flu Fighter Tea? It's laden with the vitamin-C goodness of orange, apple and hibiscus, along with Echinacea to jump-start your immune system. Plus we've added Elderflower, a traditionally wonderful cure for colds – not only is the tea handy for your body, it’s soothing and tastes truly delicious too, giving you reason to get those taste buds back after a bad bout of a cold!

Keep Healthy – Keeping your diet in tip-top shape is a great way to improve your bodies defence to viruses and strengthen your white blood cells which fight off colds and flus. Incorporating a wealth of fruit and vegetables, especially those loaded with vitamin C will soon see off that flu. Staying away from fast, or sugar-heavy foods is a sparky idea as they slow the digestive system and may strip you of energy after that initial ‘sugar high’. Also, chuck garlic, honey, ginger and peppermint into your diet - they’re cold-combatting champions.

Using these hints and tips, you can enjoy a flu-free winter, not plagued by sore throats and their rather nasty counterparts. They’re not welcome around here!

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