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5 Amazing Facts about Echinacea

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

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Echinacea is the key ingredient at the top of our list for boosting your immune system, which can sometimes wane when faced by the onslaught of winter bugs, colds and flus. Our Flu Fighter Tea is brimming with all the ingredients you need to fight off the flu, and leave you feeling lively and bushy-tailed. Here’s your top 5 facts about Echinacea, native to the plains of North America.

Echinacea is beautiful – Although cultivated all over Europe and in America, Echinacea only buds wildly in North America. Echinacea grows up to 1 foot in height, and sprouts beautiful flowers, which look a tad like purple daisies covered in wiry hair. The naming of Echinacea was inspired by hedgehogs as the plant is spiny.

Healing properties – Echinacea has antibiotic and anti-allergic features, and has even been shown to be a brilliant wound healer and tissue repairer. The ingredient also boasts a whole range of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, vitamin C and riboflavin. Perfect for keeping you well and healthful, and of course, combatting sniffles and sneezes!

Arthritis Antidote - Because Echinacea has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be superb for softening the pain, and associated stiffness of arthritis. Even if you’re only suffering from aches and pains, Echinacea can be a great call for calming those painful twinges.

Skin Saviour – Echinacea has been heralded for many years because of its capability to improve skin problems such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. Throughout the years, Echinacea has also been drawn on to treat burns, ulcers, abscesses and boils. Echinacea is definitely the one to watch if you get problem skin from time to time!

Pesky infections – If you keep being struck by recurrent infections such as eye or ear infections, Echinacea can really help. Echinacea allows for several immune-boosting compounds to build up and hang around in the body, protecting you time and time again from those ghastly repeated infections.

Echinacea is sometimes known as the Coneflower and one study even found that Echinacea can reduce your chances of catching a cold by 50%, and if you do manage to catch one still (boo), Echinacea can slash the length of your virus by 1.4 days – that’s pretty good going, don’t you agree?

For your Echinacea fix, snap up some Flu Fighter Tea and thank us later.

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