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Let’s get healthy!

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Healthy living made easy by Tea Huggers

From time to time, we can all say that we’ve got a little stranded in an unhealthy rut. Your jeans have become a little ‘cosy’, the doughnut wrappers seem to be haunting you from the bin and your trainers really have started gathering dust by the front door. Alas, here are 3 fab ways to get your healthy mojo back…

Treat yourself – When committing to getting healthy, it’s really important that you don’t deny yourself the things you love along the way. Stick with the mantra of ‘everything in moderation’ and for every run you complete, every cookie you swap for a kiwi and every meditation you do, reward yourself. Fling some stationery you love into your basket, treat yourself to a shopping day or book in at a spa to congratulate yourself.

Get those forty winks – A big part of a healthy lifestyle is allowing your body to relax, rest and recuperate. Sleep is really important for surging your energy levels, controlling your appetite and allowing you to look after your body and mind. Aim for 8 hours every night as often as you can, and make sure that’s quality sleep. Don’t drink caffeine before you wind down, and switch off that phone before you drift off.

Tea Time – To start you off on your path back to feeling bright and breezy, snap up a Health Kick gift pack, from the one and only Tea Huggers. The bunch contains all the tea you need to get you ticking and to start you off in the right way. We’ve crammed in four of the healthiest, body-happy teas to get you going:

Good Morning Tea wakes you up and revitalises you for your day ahead. It’s the perfect replacement for that coffee you keep ordering, that hurts your bank balance, and your waistline! Next up, Skinny Fit Tea: our very delicious tea which fires up your metabolism and helps you get back into trim shape. Of course, the next port of call has to be Ever Green Tea, boasting the huge range of benefits offered by Green Tea, blended with apple, lime leaves and thyme – awesome for a mid-day boost and that delicious mellow taste. In the Health Kick bundle, can also get your mitts on the Detox Tea to cleanse and invigorate you, bursting with light peppermint freshness and liquorice sweetness, it’s a gem.

Now, you’re well on your way to a healthier you!

Stay healthy, Tea Huggers

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