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The hangover is….over

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Hangover Help tea

You know the score; everything that comes up, has to come down, and that usually means crashing back to earth with a horrible hangover after a brilliant night. Humph!

Hangovers, we hate you! The pounding head, the spinning room, tiredness beyond belief, confusion and extreme thirstiness. Who invented them? Hangovers are miserable! To help ease that dreaded next morning feeling, we’ve giving you 4 tips to feeling human again after a night on the tiles or with your nearest and dearest.

Drink! – And no, we don’t mean more of the alcoholic stuff, we mean water! We recommend getting your H2O fix with our life-saver of a tea; Hangover Help Tea! To get rid of that dehydration, get the water boiling and a grab pyramid of your head soother, Hangover Help.

It’s bursting with hearty caffeinated black tea, sweet, soothing spices and herbs to perk you back up. We’ve also jammed in milk thistle, a traditional remedy to maintain a healthy, happy liver; along with meadowsweet a natural pain reliever for that poorly head of yours and ginger, to settle your stomach and ease the digestion of that naughty kebab yester evening. Hangover Help tea can be drunk as it is, or with milk.

Nourish your body – Instead of darting straight for that colossal fry up, a better shout would be eggs to replace fatty acids and break down the alcohol in your liver. You could also opt for toast, a bagel or crackers which are gentle on your stomach and trying to cram in some fruit and veg will never go a miss. Bananas, bursting with potassium are an especially good option.

Snooze it out – Lucky you. One of the best ways to ward off that hangover is to get in your Zzzzzs. Drinking and boogieing can be pretty detrimental to your sleep cycles, so getting back into bed can help re-energize you and help you to feel a bit fresher and back ‘on the ball’.

Exercise – As brutal as it sounds when you’re skulking around in your PJs, ladies; with your makeup still on, getting some exercise is a wonderful idea. By ‘sweating it out’ and getting the body moving with gentle exercise and lots of water, you will flush alcohol out and feel drastically better.

We sincerely hope these tips help you feel a touch better when the hangover hits, movers and shakers!

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