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Positivitea is Key

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Good Morning Sunshine!

Tea Huggers Good

Here at Tea Huggers, we love to feel happy, sparky and warm. We love keeping a positive frame of mind, and looking on the brighter side of life. Today, we’re flinging you 5 terrific ways to start the day positively.

After you’ve rubbed your eyes, and done that satisfying stretch, pop the kettle on! Our Good Morning Tea is your best morning companion. We’re filled our tea pouches with yerba mate (it sounds funny, but we vow that it does total wonders for you!), ginseng to refresh, revitalise and invigorate you and ginkgo to skyrocket your concentration and get those brain cogs spinning. Good Morning Tea is gentle, awakening and totally refreshing for tackling the morning.

The mandatory mantra – Every morning, why not say out loud a little motto or mantra that gets you feeling upbeat and jolly? ‘I’m going to ace today!’, ‘Monday, I’m coming for you!’ or ‘I’m happy, I’m blessed and I’m well’ are some corkers.

Smile – We know, we know… It’s a little cliché but starting your morning with a smile is scientifically proven to make you feel more outgoing, elated and gleeful. The smiling muscles in our face contract and there is a positive feedback loop which swoops to the brain, and reinforces that feeling of joy. Get that smile on today!

Appreciate the beauty around you – Whether it’s your partner, children, pooch or even the garden and nature around you, reflect each morning on the beauty that surrounds. If it’s chucking it down outside, don’t mope about the rain, celebrate it! Appreciate what’s beautiful, because ultimately, life is beautiful. How soppy are we?!

The Resolution Revolution – Before you drop off, jot down some resolutions to accomplish the next day and read over them in the morning. Whether they’re little errands to run, or some big goals you want to achieve the next day – get your morning off to a happy start by making a plan of action and getting it done.

…And breathe – As soon as you’re up in the morning, instead of moseying straight to the kitchen or into the shower, stop and take a few deep breaths. Reflect on what you want to fill your day with, especially the things that make you happy…have a little think about what you’re grateful for. We know as soon as we’re up and off we’re grateful for a steaming cup of tea!

Be happy,

Tea Huggers.


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