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Come to us, Chamomile!

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

We’re going to put our cards straight on the table: here at Tea Huggers, we’re crazy about Chamomile.

Tea Huggers chamomile tea

We might sound a little crackers, but we can’t praise chamomile highly enough and we totally agree with C.S Lewis when he said “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me”.

Our Chill Out Tea is the perfect tea to sip as you take some time out to truly relax. Chill Out Tea is brimming with sweet strawberry and fruity pieces, aromatic basil and the top-of-the-list ingredient, chamomile.

Why not take it slow, and have a scroll through our 5 fab facts about chamomile?

Get your Greek on – Chamomile originates from the greek words ‘chamos’, which means ‘ground’ and ‘milos’ which means….’apple’. Chamomile grows very closely to ground and smells like apple. Chamomile has green, feathery leaves and the flower is made up of lots of tiny florets. The Spanish refer to chamomile as a ‘little apple’. Interesting, hey?!

Anti-Inflammatory – Chamomile is perfect for soothing pain, and its anti-inflammatory features help to lessen inflammation and keep the immune system thriving. Add to this, chamomile can be used for disinfection due to its anti-bacterial virtues.

Chamomile goes the extra mile – Although many teas offer comforting and healing properties, few measure up with chamomile: chamomile is perfect for helping you to slip into sleep, chamomile can gloat about its calming effect on the nervous system, and it’s perfect for helping fight allergies, pre-menopausal syndrome and menopause symptoms.

Age no more – Chamomile tea helps to flush free radicals from our body – free radicals accelerate the skin aging process and result in dark spots, wrinkles and pigmentation of the skin. Thanks to chamomile, you can hold onto your youthful looks!

Bone booster – Chamomile uses its treasure chest of benefits to protect against tooth decay and strengthen bones. Chamomile has been shown to prevent osteoporosis in the human body, which never goes a miss.

Are you becoming a lover of chamomile too? The Russians love chamomile so much they’ve made it their national flower, and Buckingham Palace even uses chamomile in the place of grass on its lawns! It’s the herb that just keeps giving, clearly.

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