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Say ‘Ooh La La’ for Oolong

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Tea Huggers oolong Skinny Fit teaDelivery from China! It’s oolong tea. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? We don’t blame you, it doesn’t seem to be flung around as much as we think it should - we’re relishing Chinese oolong tea here at Tea Huggers, and here are our 5 cracking facts about oolong tea. We guaranTEA you’ll love it too!

Top Teas – When we get all traditional; the top teas out there are black, white, green and oolong. Each kind of tea has hundreds of varieTEAs (we’re on a role!) and many health benefits. Oolong is traditionally a mix between black and green tea, because of its hybrid state oolong tea offers even more body-happy benefits than the other traditional teas alone, what a gem.

Shaping Up – Similarly to green tea, oolong tea offers a wealth of qualities which help charge up your metabolism, supress your appetite and help get you fighting fit, healthy and happy in no time at all, this is all due to glorious plant polyphenols in oolong tea which aid weight loss. Oolong is actually a greater calorie-burner than green tea, so if you’re looked to slim down a touch, oolong is your go-to tea.

Antioxidant Ace – Oolong tea is full to the brim of antioxidants in abundance. The main antioxidants in oolong tea are flavonols and flavanols which are super for revving up your immune system and preventing you from those nasties trying to get you down this winter. Antioxidants also help reduce cell damage, brilliant!

Cut that cholesterol – Oolong is well known for its cholesterol level slashing properties. Regular consumption can lower cholesterol levels and thus you could wave good bye to an increased level of heart attacks, no thank you! The science whizzes suggest 1-6 cups of oolong deliciousness a week can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease too.

Decay, go away – Drinking oolong tea can inhibit the growth of the bacteria that can cause tooth decay or even trigger oral cancers whilst improving dental health and hygiene. Smile, your gnashers are safe for now!

Tea Huggers’ Skinny Fit Tea is immensely uplifting and cleansing; perfect for getting healthy, and trimming off a few pounds for a special event. We’ve stuffed Chinese oolong (of course!) tea, lemon verbena, juniper berries and aniseed into every pyramid and we can’t boast enough about the lovely stuff. There’s also a chilli kick, to get you ready and rumbling to get healthy!

So long, Oolong.

Tea Huggers

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