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Getting that chocolate fix, totally guilt free!

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

There’s absolutely no denying it…. Chocolate rocks!

Guilt Free Chocolate tea


As scrummy as chocolate is, and always will be; chocolate is laden with sugar, and carries a heavy calorific price tag. Does the ‘moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ saying ring a bell here? Unfortunately too much chocolate can weigh us down a little…. Until Choccy Tea stepped onto the scene!

Choccy Tea is a complete chocolate fix, in a tea pyramid! Guilt free and comforting, Choccy Tea is decadent, uber indulgent and a real choctastic treat. Choccy Tea is loaded with warming vanilla pieces, Sri Lanken black tea, rich cocoa shells and is crammed with real chocolate chunks. This tea is almost too good to be shared!

If you’re seeking some other innovative ways to indulge in guilt free gorgeousness, we’ve compiled 3 of our favourite ways of feeding that chocolate craving… without the calories or regrets!

Go to the dark side – Instead of always vouching for milk chocolate, why not give dark chocolate a try? Grabbing a bar of dark chocolate is the perfect way to get in some of the good stuff, with significantly less sugar and fats. Dark chocolate boasting 70%+ cocoa solids is a crafty way to get in minerals and soluble fibre. Dark chocolate is rich in iron, magnesium and manganese – result!

Swapping Cocoa for Cacao – Here’s a slight mind bender, but one that’ll pay off. Next time you’re off on a chocolate rampage of the shops, instead of reaching for chocolate or cocoa, swipe up some cacao nibs instead.

They’re essentially roasted cacao beans and look like itsy chocolate chips. Cacao is where chocolate gets its health benefits, so sprinkle them on your cereal, melt them and dip in some dried fruit or even add a few to a chilli con carne – they’re a much healthier replacement for chocolate.

Baking shake up -If you love baking and want to shy away from those heavy chocolatey bakes – why not seek some healthier alternatives to chocolatey desserts?!

You could make cookie dough and use raisins instead of choc chips. You can also replace large quantities of chocolate in some recipes with healthier alternatives such as brownies chock-a-block with beetroot!

For a warming and utterly delicious tea with only a fragment of the calories compared to your usual hot chocolate, get your mitts on some Choccy Tea!

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