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A healthy outside starts from the inside

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Health really is wealth.

a healthy outside starts from the inside

Being healthy and happy is a virtue: as Jim Rohn said “Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”. Here at Tea Huggers, as much as we love a duvet day and a chocolate party from time to time, we believe being healthy is a true commodity.

Being healthy is the Holy Grail, here’s why.

Slashing stress – One of the best ways to relieve stress and anxiety is to stock up on the freshest and healthiest of foods, and jam in exercise where you can. As tempting as a date with a pint of ice cream and the sofa can be when you’re feeling frazzled, the best way to clear cortisol (that beastly stress hormone) is to sweat it out, and stick with the good, wholesome grub.

Hanging around for longer – Many, many studies have shown that those who engage in healthy habits such as eating well, moving often, snoozing adequately and being happy are the ones among us who live longer. Additionally, couch-potatoes (those who are less active and health-conscious) have less enthusiasm and vivacity, reported by Penn State researchers in 2012.

Saving those pennies – As the boss of your wellbeing, a sure source of motivation for being a health-bunny is saving money. Running is free, strolling around your area doesn’t cost a thing and fruit, especially from markets is usually ‘cheap as chips’ (titter titter, the irony). Those bottles of wine, tubes of pringles and chocolates do add up!

Here are Tea Huggers we love our Skinny Fit Tea, and our equally brilliant Detox Tea; which make us feel zingy, bright and fresh. So, you healthy thang’, get that kettle on and dive in! 

Skinny Fit is crammed with Chinese oolong tea to supercharge your metabolism, we’ve also popped in a cheeky chilli kick to fire you up and you’ll be feeling cleansed and invigorated in no time with the lemon verbena and aniseed additions. It’s the right fit for the healthiest you.

If you want to flush that sluggish, unhealthy feeling, swipe up some Detox Tea. We’ve filled each pouch to the brim with body-loving ingredients like sage, packed with antioxidants (your immune system will love you!), plus peppermint and fennel to help you feel rejuvenated and energized an instant.

Stay healthy!

Tea Huggers

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