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How YOU can look and feel great this Valentine’s Day <3

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Check out our three top tips to looking great on valentines day.

Yep, you guessed it, that big day of romance beginning with ‘V’ is upon us. Cupid is back in business!

Singletons? We’ve got your back; read on for our top three tips for looking and feeling dazzling this Valentine’s Day, we don’t doubt you’ll scoop up a date or two! For those of you all loved up, look no further, Tea Huggers are here to help you ‘wow’ this Valentines. You’ll look great, and feel great on the inside too.

Get That (Love) Heart Beating! – If that Christmas and New Year’s indulgence is still looming and you want to look svelte on Valentine’s Day, get out there and pound the pavements! Going for a high-tempo jog, a brisk dog walk or even jumping a rope in your back garden is the perfect way to boost that heart rate, and drop a few pounds. We love drinking our Detox or Skinny Fit Teas to give us a helping hand here…

Detox Tea is brimming with peppermint, fennel and liquorice and is just the ticket for cleansing and refreshing your body, perfect for feeling revitalised and energetic for a special Valentine’s Day. Detox Tea’s accomplice must be Skinny Fit, we’ve rammed it with aromatic Chinese Oolong tea, lemon verbena and even a kick of chilli to help melt away all those festive treats and January chocolate munching sessions. You’ll be raking in the compliments in no time.

Hit The Shops – Instead of wearing that tunic and leggings combo again, this Valentine’s why not snap up a gorgeous new outfit? Trawl fashion websites online to suss your body shape, and buy something unique and flattering to make you feel glamorous - you turn more than a few heads on February the 14th. Nab a new lipstick, get those locks trimmed and you’ll be feeling irresistible instantly. Strut it, you!

Get Hydrated – We’re sure this was one of your New Year’s Resolutions, but make sure you’re drinking at least 2 litres of water a day for glowing skin, strong nails and glossy hair. Staying hydrated also energises you and boosts your metabolism helping you to feel your best on Valentine’s Day. This doesn’t mean dreary tap water or sickly sweet squash, drink up your favourite teas. We love our Ever Green tea for this; it’s refreshing, it’s an antioxidant boost and it’s perfect any time of the day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Tea Lovers!

Tea Huggers x

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