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Raving about Rooibos

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Raving about the health benefits of rooibos


Rooibos. This herb from South Africa is the go to ingredient for a caffeine free and  flavoursome brew. As you can guess, here at Tea Huggers, we’re big admirers of the red coloured, sweet and caffeine free blend. To get in the know, read on.

You can get your Rooibos fix from Good Night Tea, our answer to your most restful night’s sleep yet. We’ve packed the silken tea pyramids with lavender and lemon balm, along with rooibos to help you settle before you nab your forty winks. It’s a star and you’ll be snoozing like you never have before!

If you’re a super-mum or a new mum, our Yummy Mummy tea is made for you. Whether you’re breastfeeding or just chasing after your whippersnapper all day, this tea is bursting with fennel, fenugreek and nettle to boost milk supply along with Rooibos (of course) to calm you after a long, tiring mummy day.

Caffeine can go – Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, and is a great alternative to black tea. Rooibos is jam packed full of flavour and is a great brew to have if you are trying to give up, or reduce your caffeine intake. If you are missing your builders tea then pop dash of milk in your rooibos - it will look exactly the same as a builders!

Long live your liver! – Rooibos is known for helping maintain a healthy liver, and for some liver conditions the marvel has been shown to reverse liver damage and repair the organ from certain conditions. Rock on, rooibos.

The home of Rooibos – Rooibos is traditionally grown in Cape Town, South Africa. In some places, the herb is referred to as ‘redbush’ tea. You’ll occasionally hear this in tearooms and cafes in the UK. At the Twelve Apostles Hotel in Cape Town you can enjoy roobois ice cream as a dessert. Sounds scrumptious – Catherine Zeta Jones agrees, her wedding breakfast included rooibos ice cream!

Get well soon – Rooibos blends are a great addition to that medicine cupboard as rooibos is known to alleviate poor sleeping patterns and even treat colic in infants. You could also sip rooibos tea to help with constipation, vomiting and nausea. A total tea-treasure!

Packed with antioxidants – Rooibos is a winner on the antioxidant front. The high concentration of antioxidants is perfect for keeping your body’s defence to illness strong and helping you stay on your toes, happy and healthy.

Our love for rooibos is red hot, we know you’ll love it too.

Stay Healthy

Tea Huggers x

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