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Office Pantry: Delivering super foods to super offices

Posted by Esther Thompson on

We're thrilled to announce that our teas are now available through a fab Bristol based company called Office Pantry. It's mission is to bring food full of goodness, to the work place. Simple!

Office Pantry

Read on for more information on this great company. 

We all know those days where the weekend is just one too many sleeps away, it is damp and cold outside, you were 20 minutes late to work, and your shirt is inside out, again. Come 11 am your soul is crying out for an overdue herbal hug.

Being at work need not mean resorting to mediocre powdered vending cups my tea loving troopers. Office Pantry is here to the rescue and allows you to enjoy those much loved ‘ahh’ moments at your desk, and you may even get it for free (if you have a super nice boss).

Office Pantry creates magic such as; fresh fruit boxes, fresh milk, British produced snacks and drinks (from spring water to craft beers to welcome the weekend). They deliver on a schedule to suit throughout the week, tailoring each parcel of love to your office to make you and your co-workers happier and more productive. Office Pantry believes in the importance of increasing employee engagement and harnessing the mighty power that comes after ‘a proper good cup o’tea’.

Office Pantry Tea and Fruit

Story & Success

Co-founders Giles Mitchell and Charles Arnold were let down by the lack of choice and support to make healthy choices available in their office, so they went out and started Office Pantry now they have developed into a nationally in-demand company with a quest to tackle staff rooms shortcomings and 3 pm hunger grumbles.

Office Pantry is continuing to expand in demand and forage like squirrels (yes we googled ‘squirrel foraging behaviour’) for more variety for their customers. There is no hibernating for these guys (and the squirrels) as they launch and develop their drinks range and more specifically, their teas.

 Tea Huggers are one of our most well received and enjoyed by all tea suppliers.

Office Pantry stock the following - can you spot your favourite tea?

  • Tea Huggers Magic Breakfast

(Assam and Sri Lankan black tea)

  • Tea Huggers Earl Grey

(Sri Lankan black tea, lemongrass, rose petals and bergamot flavour)

  • Tea Huggers Chill Out

(chamomile, lemon verbena, hibiscus petals, apple pieces, elderberries, rosehip peel, pineapple pieces, strawberry pieces, basil and natural flavour)

  • Tea Huggers Detox

(Peppermint, fennel, liquorice and sage)

  • Tea Huggers Skinny Fit

(Lemon verbena, Chinese oolong tea, aniseed, juniper berries and chilli)

  • Tea Huggers Ever Green

(Chinese green tea, apple pieces, lime leaves, thyme and natural flavour)

  • Tea Huggers Flu Fighter

(Hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehip, orange peel, echinacea, elderflower and natural flavour)

  • Tea Huggers Good Morning

(yerba mate, cocoa shells, Siberian ginseng and ginkgo)

All things alluring aside, Office Pantry, can stock your office with high protein chocolate bars, flapjacks, hummus crisps and granola pots and much more. Ideal for a quick pick me up come 3 pm or belated breakfast after tapping snooze too many times which can all be supped with a hot mug of Tea Huggers.

 You can reach Office Pantry to seek out more info and set up a delivery by going onto their website (if you’re fast enough you can get first dibs on your favourite tea bag!):

 You can also check out the latest tweets, behind the scenes photos and updates on:




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