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How to become a Super Snoozer!

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Tea Huggers Good Night tea with lavender

Rolling from front to back all night?!

Feeling that mid-day lull, but then too frustratingly jittery to sleep?

Itching for your Sunday mega-slumber just to catch up?

Getting a good night’s sleep is a tricky task, but pop the kettle on, slip on your cosiest slippers and read on, for your 3 top tips to the most blissful sleep yet.

Phone Amnesty – If you find that your brain is still whirring as you drop off to sleep, it’s probably because swiping your phone until the early hours, and that lurid brightness of the screen is doing your sleep-mode few favours. Don’t charge your phone by your bed to get your best forty winks; that also means no Facebook ‘liking’, no Twitter scrolling and no to-do listing in bed so you can enjoy your beauty sleep.

Relax before you hit the sack - Admit it, we’re all guilty of getting everything done, peeling off our clothes and jumping into bed, with our brains still alight with what we don’t want to forget from the weekly shop, the call we need to make to our Great Aunt and the Anniversary card we need to buy the couple down the road.

Instead of getting yourself worked up when it’s time to wind down, take it easy. Soak in the tub, savour a soothing cup of Good Night Tea, packed with Lavender (perfect to settle you before sleep), lemon balm (say goodbye to stress, and taste that citrusy loveliness), hibiscus petals, apple peel and rooibos: the caffeine-free sister to your normal tea, to calm you before you shut the curtains.

In the winter, a hot water bottle and your favourite book never goes a miss. Relax your mind, relax your body.

Schedule It – Making sure you have a set bedtime 5-6 days a week has huge sleep-enhancing qualities. You can look forward to a better controlled appetite in the day (no more gigantic brunches, or grazing throughout the day), increased energy, boosted concentration and more peaceful sleep as your body will be better able to regulate your sleep cycles.

Try an aim for a solid sleep time, your body will thank you for it and you’ll be feeling all the better too!

So, there you go… here’s to your most restful night’s sleep yet, night owls.

Sweet Dreams, Tea Huggers


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