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The power of Peppermint

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

 Detox tea  - peppermint tea

Here at Tea Huggers, we know how lovely it is to feel cleansed, refreshed and detoxed. That’s where our Detox Tea steps in. If you’ve over-indulged, if you’re feeling a tad sluggish and slow, or just want to invigorate your body, why not get the kettle boiling?

Detox Tea is jam-packed with fennel and sage along with hints of liquorice, but our star ingredient has to be Peppermint - truly perfect for easing digestion, boosting memory, improving dental cavities and bad breath, lessening headaches and we can’t forget that the aroma is just the ticket for lifting away stress.

Let’s let peppermint take the spotlight…

Knuckling down- Ingesting and smelling peppermint has been shown to improve concentration. The Japanese love this idea so much that in several factories, Japanese companies actually pipe small amounts of the peppermint scent through their air conditioning to re-charge workers, and lift productivity. Peppermint gets those brain cogs whirring, great!

Skin Clearing Properties – If you’re plagued by the occasional spot, or even have hormonal problem skin, peppermint tea can be a saviour for clearing and softening your skin. Peppermint tea offers a slight hike in estrogen levels to some drinkers which can leave your skin looking radiant and fresh.

Happy Tummy – Peppermint is one of the best natural soothers for digestive problems, or tummy troubles including bloating, gas and even some cases of IBS. By many, peppermint is suggested after eating a little too much, or for those days when your stomach feels uncomfortable, and the hot liquid is great for relieving tension in your gut.

Flu, Flu, Go Away! – Peppermint is a hero on the cold and flu front - the peppermint herb is great for flushing out those horrible poorly symptoms such as congestion, runny noses and high temperatures. The Detox Tea is oozing with menthol (the mint found in teas) which is a natural decongestant. You can put the tissues away now. Add to this, peppermint is great at clearing your sinuses, bonus.

Oozing with Antioxidants – Peppermint is renowned for being one of the most powerful antioxidant sources, these keep you feeling happy and healthy. Antioxidants help keep your immune system on track and peppermint is also a brilliant source of omega 3 fats, vitamin B2 and magnesium.

Peppermint is expert at combatting a whole range of problems, and its calming qualities are great for putting your mind at rest when stress or anxiety strikes.

Stay Fresh, Tea Huggers


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