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Green Tea takes Gold

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Tea Huggers Ever Green

At the moment, mention of green tea is everywhere. The magic of green tea seems to be taking everybody’s cups by storm, and if the green tea excitement hasn’t taken you yet, have you been lurking under a rock?!

Antioxidants – Without wanting to put our white coats on, we have to admit the sciency bit of green tea is pretty cool. Green tea is loaded with bioactive compounds, such as antioxidants and polyphenols which boost your body and help with defending you from colds, flus and other nasties.

Fat Burner – Green tea has fat burning and metabolism surging properties; so if you’re keeping a check on your weight, green tea is a sure help. You can also start working on that six pack, as green tea consumption leads to decreases in body fat.

Happy Gnashers – Green Tea contains catechins which halt the growth of bacteria in your mouth, such as streptococcus mutans (don’t worry, we can’t quite pronounce that either!). Green tea has also been shown to improve dental health and blast bad breath.

Ta Ta, Diabetes – Studies show Green tea lowers the chance of type II diabetes. A study on Japanese individuals noted that those who drank the most green tea snatched up a 42% lower risk of developing type II diabetes. Ace!

Health is Wealth – Getting in the good (green) stuff has also helps to prevent anxiety and stress, chronic fatigue problems, arthritis, joint soreness, irritated skin conditions, and it helps to fuel cognitive function. What more can you ask from a tea?

If you’re feeling green with envy at those cupping a mug of green tea, why not stock up on a few pouches? Ever Green Tea by Tea Huggers is your green tea saviour. It’s brimming with top quality green tea (lesser quality green tea can have high fluoride levels, no thanks!) all the way from China along with zingy and gorgeously sweet apple and lime leaves. Ever Green also boasts a hint of aromatic thyme – it’s lovely.

We could rave and rave about how truly marvellous green tea is, and after a few swigs of Ever Green Tea, we think you will too! Your body will be feeling rather chuffed, as vitamins and antioxidants in the stuff are a ’plenty!

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