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Lending a hand this Lent

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Tea Huggers - make lent 40 days of awesome

Have you given up something for lent? Here at Tea Huggers we think that 40 days and 40 nights is the perfect time to cast off an old habit, or take up new endeavours.

Whether you’re slashing the sweet stuff, starting a new hobby or just aiming to spend more time with friends and family – we’ve got some tea-riffic ideas for helping you get onto the Lent bandwagon in 2016.

Cutting The Chocolate – Chocolate, as tempting as it is, is a common go-to food to cut out during Lent. Chocolate is laden with sugar, and too much of it can leave you carrying a few extra pounds and feeling sluggish or lethargic. If you’ve decided to chuck the Cadburys, lose the Lindt or trash those truffles, we’ve got the perfect tea for making it just that *bit* easier.

Tea Huggers’ Choccy Tea is crammed with cocoa shells, real Belgian chocolate chunks and sweet vanilla pieces, it’s totally guilt free! Choccy Tea tastes just as decadent as those chocolatey treats with a fraction of the calories and we promise no more of those wretched sugar crashes after the initial sugar high. It’s a keeper for helping to cut out chocolate this Lent.

A Tea A Week – During the weeks of Lent, why not try a new tea every week? Instead of sticking with the same old brews, week in, week out; set a goal of trying a different tea every week for the Lent period. Tea Huggers have many delicious teas to offer, all offering benefits for your body, wellbeing and mind. Whether you’re looking for a Chill Out tea, a Detoxing tea or even a tea to help banish a hangover, we’ve got you covered.

Alternatively, if you’re a caffeine fiend, you could cut out caffeine for the whole of Lent if you’re looking for a challenge. Studies have proven that ditching caffeine can have a wealth of perks for your body and energy levels. Also, if you didn’t buy that Starbucks Latte every morning during Lent, you could save £104 in just 40 days!

Become Mindful During Lent – ‘Mindfulness’ seems to be a buzzword everywhere at the moment, but don’t let the practice go over your head, take it up! Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice which encourages us to become present ‘in the moment’. Mindfulness advocates suggest that instead of constantly working towards a ‘destination’, become aware of the ‘journey’. We’re all guilty of not quite living in the moment, but being mindful allows us to become engaged in every minute and embrace our senses to truly see and experience the world around us. Make some headspace during Lent.

Good Luck!

Tea Huggers x

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