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Shaking off Stress

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Tea Huggers on how to manage stress


Everyone gets hit by stress from time to time. Whether it’s owing to work deadlines, the dog not eating for a few days or a pile-up of bills to be paid; stress comes in many forms, and isn’t pretty. Stress can have a profound effect on your body, your thoughts, feeling and emotions. When stressed, you’re unlikely to be feeling in tip-top shape, and thinking may feel misted over or blurred by angst.

Worry not, today we’ve got 5 top ways to help manage stress and keep a cool head…

De-Stressing Before Bed – When stressed, falling asleep can be tough. With thoughts and ‘to-dos’ racing around your mind as you try to drift off, stress can feel like it has got the better of you. Making a conscious effort to de-stress and relax before you hit the sack can help you sleep more soundly, and a restful night can lead to calmer and more productive day. Wind down with a cup of Good Night tea, offering lavender to help you snooze and other fruity delights such as blueberry, apple, elderberry and orange extracts to help boost your immune system. Keep a notepad beside your bed to jot down any issues troubling you or stressing you out before you doze off.

Exercise – Exercise releases endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’ which counteract the feeling of stress, unease and panic during intense situations. Taking time out to exercise allows you to cultivate the headspace needed to rationally and relaxingly think through what’s going on in your life and find stress-free solutions. Shedding the day’s irritations as you work out is wondrous for managing stress. Now, go and grab those trainers!

Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol And Nicotine – Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine may be pleasant in moderation, but they’re all stimulants which can skyrocket stress levels, and leave you feeling jittery, tired and irked. Replace caffeine with herbal teas, such as Tea Huggers’ Good Night, Chill Out, Flu Fighter, Detox or Yummy Mummy teas which are totally caffeine-free. Replace alcohol with mocktails and switching to nicotine patches instead of cigarettes will manage your stress.

Write It Out – Keeping a stress diary can be a great way to scribble down your worries, and make lists so you can calmly work through whatever is stressing you out. Note down the date, time and place of each stressful episode and you could even add in a ‘stress rating’. This will help you avoid stressful scenarios, and distract from the stresses of the day.

Rest, Rest, Rest – When life seems all too much ‘go, go, go’, don’t be afraid to say no to doing things and take time for YOU. Relax and recuperate with a steaming mug of Chill Out tea and do the calming things you love such as a stroll in nature, giggling with friends, catching up on your favourite cheesy film or going for a massage. Treat yourself, it eases stress faultlessly.

Don’t stress,

Tea Huggers x

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