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Slash the sugar

Posted by Charlotte Srahan on

Sugar is having a bad time. Jamie Oliver's sugar tax made it into the budget last month.  Many labels, packages and cartons are brandishing their ‘reduced sugar’ products and we’re being encouraged to re-think our daily food choices, as many are seen to be too high in the sweet stuff.

It has come to light that high levels of sugar in our daily diets can be really detrimental – reducing your sugar consumption can be great way to shift a few pounds, improve your skin, hike your energy levels and help you to feel a little less lethargic and low following that sugar ‘high’ that accompanies a biscuit, a big portion of fruit, ice cream or a chocolate bar, just to name a few sugary sinners.

Reducing sugar intake isn’t as hard as it may sound: try swapping those Jaffa Cakes for a Jaffa Orange.  Swap those green wine gums for a green tea or choose rye bread over that white loaf. Opt for water over fizzy pop, and swap chocolates for grapes or blueberries. 

Another great way to slash sugar is to swap hot chocolate or sweetened coffee or tea drinks for herbal teas. Our Chill Out tea tastes sweet and fresh with no artificial sweeteners in sight. We love our Choccy Tea, too which is oozing with real chocolate chunks with a velvety and rich flavour to replace that Lindt chocolate bar or hot chocolate! 

Swapping fruit pastilles for fruity teas is another great move and there’s hundreds of fruity teas about – Tea Huggers’ Ever Green Tea is brimming with apple pieces, we’ve rammed our Good Night tea with orange peel and blueberry flavour and Skinny Fit Tea is primed with scrumptious Juniper berries.

We cannot sing our praises enough for sugar-free sweet treats, at the top of our list is Dreena Burton’s ‘sugar-free caramel apples’; who’d have thought caramel apples could be so yummy yet so sugar free?! Find the recipe here. We’re also a little crazed by Jemma’s ‘chocolate bounty bliss balls’, which are equally divine! Check out the recipe here.

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