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Our top tips on how to become a runner!

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Get Moving! Get Active!
Here at Tea Huggers’, we love exercising! Not only does exercise lead to surge in energy, fills us with endorphins – the ‘happy’ hormones and helps trim off those wobbly bits, but it’s a great way to feel good and alive. 

Exercise benefits the body in a multicity of ways, and in combination with a healthy diet, restful sleep and a lot of laughs, you’ll be well on your way to healthier living.

At Tea Huggers, our go-to exercise has to be running. Whether you’re competition for Mo Farah, or just love a morning run every now and again, we’re with you. Running is wonderful for the body and the mind. It’s free and as soon as you leave your front door the exercise counts, you don’t need to drive to a gym to get cracking. Bonus.

For every level runner, there is an app or a running programme for you whilst you pound the streets. With running, you can always improve and challenge yourself. Nike and Strava are super for tracking your runs and you can easily check your pace and make improvements.

There's a huge amount of support from online forums, runners all over the world and many in your hometown are there to support you. By using groups such as Run Mummy Run or The Running Bug on Facebook, you can swipe up encouragement from like-minded people at the same stage as you in their exercise missions. It’s a great way to get some inspiration and to make some chums along the way.

So, you’ve got some running shoes that don’t leave you with gaping blisters and you’ve perfected that questionable 90s running playlist. If you’ve mastered running or walking 5km, it’s time to finesse the 5k park-run! Although park-runs may sound a little daunting, we can promise they’re not… they’re fantastic! Park-runs are a friendly and fun way to stretch your legs on a Saturday morning and a great way to work on and improve your personal best. Bring along your little nippers and even the dog, all are welcome and park-runs are great for all ages, shapes and sizes!
See park-runs here:

If running doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s many more apps and classes out there for you. Zumba is a hit with many, as are circuit classes, yoga meetings and squash has become a hit with many too. If you’ve got a goal such as perfecting the ‘plank’ for 2 minutes, or executing 50 lunges why not download some exercise apps such as Sworkit, Fitocracy or Yoga Studio? You’ll be feeling more limber and shapely in no time!

Whether you’re a runner, a rambler or a yoga lover, we’ve got your back with our huge range of energising teas. 
Start the day with hearty mug of Good Morning tea from Tea Huggers. Each tea bag is bursting with yerba mate (with 90% more antioxidants than Green Tea, traditionally the antioxidant powerhouse), ginseng and ginkgo. Good Morning tea will charge you up and keep you fuelled for whatever exercise pushes your buttons for the whole day through.

Happy Exercising!

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